Sunday, March 15, 2009

M364 Block 1, Unit 3, Activity 4

I now want you to draw a design for an electronic calendar system that is radically different to the outline sketch in Figure 6.1. [which shows a page and book model] You only need to draw a single sketch in order to illustrate your design. Try asking yourself questions such as: how could a mobile telephone, with a small sceen, be used to access an electronic calendar? What are the characteristics of a magnifying glass, and how might these characteristics be of benefit when designing an electronic calendar?
[click on thumbnail for fullsize illustration - with apologies to Scott McCloud whose Understanding Comics I've just been reading for UX Bookclub London]

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Francis said...

An iFriend tells me that this is in fact exactly how iPhone apps work, so no points for originality, but at least I got it right.

I may have to put up the desktop/mouse version which *is* more original - and may be more controversial.