Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To love is to fear

Such sad news about the death of David and Samantha Cameron's little son, Ivan. It's hard to imagine the horror of hearing such a diagnosis for your son, the hard slog of caring for and loving him, the sorrow of finally losing him.

And time, of course, to consider all the other hidden heroes, quietly getting on with it like Claire Bates, whose very personal response to Ivan's death is almost unbearably moving.

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rhizome said...

Moving post Francis. Mirrors my own emotions. There was a picture published somewhere of Ivan being cradled by his dad, staring up into his eyes with the helpless look of a baby, totally trusting, totally dependent. We both know know that look very well, poor little chap. The feeling of having been unable to defend him against his ailment, of somehow having failed him, must be as overwhelming as it is unwarranted. Horrible situation.

As you wrote, to love is indeed to fear.