Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I saw of Mumbai was the airport!

Just to let people know, yes I did travel to Pune via Mumbai and yes, the trouble did happen while I was out there, but as I've explained to many kind questioners - when you're over there you realise exactly how far away from the trouble you are.

In the event I had two long stopovers in the airport and in neither case did I actually leave it, except in a large Boeing of  Jet Airlines.

I have visited Mumbai as a tourist, a few years back. I had a good time, and I was really sorry, this time, to see the harm and hatred that had come to town. But from what I've seen of this city and its inhabitants they will rise up, not roll over, rise up to life and business and all the rubbing-along cosmopolitan attitudes and activities that those who attacked Mumbai probably hated most about it.

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