Thursday, February 08, 2007

The semantic web - no longer a pipe-dream?

Let me be rash - I've just had my first look at Yahoo pipes and I think this will prove a major milestone in the evolution of the web. I believe that the semantic web is appearing under our noses, not as the result of the ontologies and predicate reasoning that I used to imagine would be involved, but through a rapid evolution of bottom-up folksonomies and strength-off-association relationships, which in fact are a better fit to the loose-fit metaphorical reasoning we actually use in practice.

I'm too tired and coffee-wired and busy right now to write my own pipe - but I'll be doing it as soon as work and domestic circumstances permit.


Roger Lancefield said...

I agree Francis, this looks very interesting indeed.

Welcome back to the blogosphere by the way!

Francis said...

Thanks - need to get back into the blogging habit. Must remember those great impro slogans "my obvious is not your obvious" and "don't try to be clever" as a way of not getting stuck or deterred.

If I'm still scraping together enough time to read or do interesting things I should be able to spend a little time passing something on.