Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Calling out around the world

A nice surprise to be mentioned by Gail Ilagan in the Phillipines last week - especially from someone who not only has such sound views on Eowyn and Aragorn, but uses passion and reason to write truthfully and movingly.

I was gently lobbying her to get a blog so it would be easier for lazy folk like me to keep up with her pieces - like this, which as a new father, I especially responded to.

Her response - in effect, that the further into the rootless internet she moves from her on-line regional newspaper column readers, the more communication with readers tends to be polluted by ignorance, misconception or prejudice - is hard to argue with.

But I like to think that anyone (anyone - is there anybody out there?) reading my blog would probably be an exception to that rule. So I hope she'll forgive me tugging her into the blogosphere with this entry - after all, she proves what we all hope, that personal reflection can be of universal interest.


Roger Lancefield said...

> is there anybody out there?

Message received. Over.

Axos said...

I guess it depends how suspicious we are of other people. The deeper one's distrust the more likely we are to be suspcious of their motives but I think there is a flip side to all this. Given the right paramaters the net can be a forum for sincere communication. At least that has been my experience.

Francis said...

thank you guys - nice to know I'm not entirely writing into the great bitbucket, and that my readers are the kind of civilised people (well, the kind of kind of civilised people, anyway) I claim them to be!