Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Geek Dinner at the Texas Embassy

Saturday night was time to get back in to the flow. Ian Smith suggested I come along to the Geek Dinner and I'm glad I did. As a new dad I have limited time for reading (and writing) blogs, and I spend very little time listening to podcasts, but the blog/podcast focus of the evening had a feel very reminiscent of the early days of the internet: lots of geek enthusiasm, no clear business models, and a world still small enough that a newcomer can get to know people.

I left after dinner and missed the talk by Roger Scoble, but Hugh Fraser and I snagged each other as fellow geek diners on the way in, and it was good for me to get the picture from someone who's actually in the blog/podcast business - and while I may have missed the speech I caught Hugh's interview which is naturally available as a here as a podcast.

Just to prove I was there, I'm third from the right here, with Ian on my right and Sarah Blow in the near left corner.

[added: 2005-12-15] A chance to pay my respects to two travellers that I met at the dinner - Nicole Simon, over from Germany just for the event, and Regular Jen who's made the big move to come over here from the US and get married to Neil Dixon (the kind of move I've never had the guts to make myself, but instead inflicted on my own wife).


Bertie said...

Hi Francis, it was great to meet you on the way in. Thanks for the beer and the chat. If you've got time in the New Year, perhaps you'd like to be a guest on our podcast and tell us all about riding the dotcom wave into current era on the net.

Sorry, I'm signed into blogger under my identity as the mascot for our Storynory podcast. I don't really look like a green frog

Roger Lancefield said...

Hey Francis, interesting and thought provoking postings. I'm subscribing!

(Oh, I hate to be the pendant, but shouldn't that be _Robert_ Scoble? ;))