Friday, August 19, 2005

Ringtone Blues

I'm tired of the built-in Nokia ringtones, but I'm too old and snobbish to buy over-advertised chart-crap.

Now I have a little plan for the ultimate classy, unobtrusive but exclusive ringtone - find a MIDI file of the 11 notes making up the theme to the track Proverb on Steve Reich's City Life and convert it into a ringtone.

But I can't find such a file, and anyway, how would I escape a well-justified lynching at the hands of the first true music lover to hear this pretentious trivialisation of such meditative and beautiful music?

Oh well, back to "Ring, ring".

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Axos said...

You can buy anthologies of ring tones which you have to key in yourself. Never done so myself partly due to the poor user interface and partly due to th expense of the music.

My phone is too basic to accept downloads but iuf yours is more advanced and you've got a spare tenner try searching on ring tones in the software section of Amazon.